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Performance Review Time!

Here is a checklist for you and your teams to use as you go into "REVIEW SEASON".

Performance Review

Performance Appraisal Checklist

  1. Schedule the performance appraisal well in advance. Let the employee know if he/she is required to prepare anything for the appraisal meeting such as:

  2. Accomplishments of the past year/ appraisal period;

  3. Developmental goals for the coming appraisal period;

  4. Area of most improvement for the past appraisal period;

  5. Training needs or desires;

  6. Performance goals for the upcoming appraisal period;

  7. Any other materials that are important to consider when constructing the formal appraisal.

  8. Prepare the written appraisal by:

  9. Reviewing the personnel and employee relations file for the past review period for any accomplishments, coaching, discipline, training events, etc.;

  10. Soliciting feedback from other managers, leads, or project managers;

  11. Focusing on the key areas of the review and provide succinct, example-based commentary to support your ratings, noting additional examples that you can refer to during the meeting, if needed;

  12. Identifying areas of continuing development for the coming appraisal period;

  13. Considering that nothing should be a surprise, decide whether to add items to the review that have not been addressed directly with the employee;

  14. Asking the employee to provide a self-appraisal; and

  15. If applicable in your organization, include the 360 degree reviews from employees or managers in the process.

  16. Discuss the appraisal with the employee by:

  17. Scheduling the review well in advance and blocking time so that the review is not interrupted;

  18. Providing a verbal agenda of the meeting;

  19. Providing a copy of the appraisal to the employee at the start of the meeting and allowing the employee time for review;

  20. Explaining the review, highlighting the most important areas;

  21. Discussing the goals for the upcoming appraisal period;

  22. Soliciting the employee’s interaction and feedback;

  23. Informing the employee that he/she is welcome to submit a response in writing if desired;

  24. Setting dates for follow-up meetings with the employee during the upcoming appraisal period, if applicable;

  25. Agreeing to the future performance goals and developmental plans for the next review period; and

  26. Providing the employee with a signed copy of the review for his/her records.

  27. After the meeting:

  28. Add notes regarding the meeting to the employees file if needed;

  29. Make any agreed-upon edits from the meeting to the review;

  30. Add scheduled follow-up meetings to your calendar;

  31. Update the HRIS, if applicable; and

  32. File the signed and delivered appraisal in the personnel file.

Rick Maher


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