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5 H.R. "Unforced Errors"


Small businesses leaders (defined here as leaders of businesses with 500 employees or less) are making the same unforced errors over and over again. It is frustrating for them because these errors can cause fines, fees, lawsuits and really prevent the business from growing.

Five major errors being made are:

1. Having an old, or worse, non-existent, Employee Handbook.

2. Having poorly written Job Descriptions

3. Misusing 1099 v. W-2 employees

4. Being out of compliance with wage and hour.

5. A lack of appropriate, comprehensive, professional, sexual harassment and discrimination training.

Think about your organization and how you are doing with these 5 areas. They are usually relatively simple to fix and good for your business. If there is one of these areas where you're concerned, or thing you need to to investigate further, please reach out. I would like to help!

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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