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An MRI- For HR


As a business leader, unknown risks can truly damage your business. Your people, your teams, are the ones that can create those risks, or be the ones that will help you avoid them.

H.R. risk can be some of the most damaging dangers a business could face because the implications are far ranging. Those damages can include fines, fees, lawsuits, government intervention, and the biggest damage could come from how your employees and teams react.

Here are 10 areas of your business that should be assessed periodically to evaluate H.R. risk:

1. Payroll Practices

2. Employee Culture Audit

3. Employee Handbook

4. Harassment/Discrimination Training

5. Benefits/ACA Compliance

6. Recruiting Practices

7. Personnel Records

8. I-9's

9. Job Descriptions

10. FMLA/PTO/Sick Time Tracking

The worst risk is the "unknown risk". An unknown risk cannot be planned for or avoided. Know your risks. Do an "MRI for HR" and diagnosis any problem areas, before they become problems.

Rick Maher


TurningPoint HCM

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