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FEATURE: TalkRadio.NYC - HR Solutions During COVID

This is something we ask all the time - how is your business handling everything HR in the world of COVID-19? We have found that many businesses are struggling to keep up to date with the constantly changing HR regulations, policies, and procedures. And falling behind on these regulations could mean falling out of compliance in many areas of your business. If you or a business you know is struggling with minimizing your risk, keep reading!

Yesterday, our CEO/Visionary, Rick Maher, had the privilege of being a guest speaker on TalkRadio.NYC, where he and the show's host, Eric Sarver, Esq. discussed HR Solutions During COVID. Sarver and Maher discussed the challenging situations that many businesses are finding themselves in when it comes to HR and COVID-19 related issues. They discuss potential solutions and some of Turning Point HCM's unique HR services to help your business succeed in a post-COVID world.

To learn more about this informative interview, please visit TalkRadio.NYC's website. Additionally, to watch a recording of the Facebook Live interview, please click here.

For more information on our services, or to contact us, please visit our website.


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