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How Great Managers Outshine Good Managers

At some point in their professional career, everyone has had a manager that is lacking. It can certainly stunt the growth of promising employees, or be the reason dedicated employees decide to leave their positions. While there is no such thing as a perfect manager, what really sets apart great managers from the average? Here are some points to consider, whether you are an employee looking for a change, or a supervisor looking to improve the environment and culture in your company.

  • Lead by example and from behind

  • Go to bat for their employees

  • Great Communicators

They lead by example and from behind

A great manager doesn’t request that their employees to go further than they would themselves. Having a leader that has been where you stand and understands the level of difficulty of your position can really help employees connect with their managers and avoid potential issues. Another key factor for a great manager is they to know when and where to step in. A manager that leads from behind is more mindful of their employees’ growth and can decide if or when to step in. This managerial style can help the employee gain knowledge and experience themselves. Many times, people and employees learn life lessons through experience versus simply being told how to handle a situation. Whereas other times, an individual may need more guidance, and a good leader will observe situations and sense these opportunities.

They go to bat for their employees

This can certainly be a challenge for managers. On one hand, you do want your client to be happy with the performance of your product or service, but sometimes it’s just not the fault of an employee. A great manager can obtain both sides of the situation and synthesize a remedy that resolves the issue for both parties. There are also times when a solid employee makes a mistake, and a good manager knows when to help take the blow with the employee to soften the impact for them.

They are great communicators

Being a great communicator is one of the essentials for management roles. Communicating efficiently and effectively will build trust with your employees, creating a solid working foundation. Being a great communicator is not always easy and is something that often needs to be taught and built upon over time. This isn't a skill that happens most naturally. The first steps are understanding your own communication style and how to recognize and communicate with others like yourself and others who are different. There are several training courses and assessments one can take to enhance their communication skills and build upon the ones they already have!

The overall position of a good manager should be to offer direction and guidance on implementing whatever needs to be done properly, and the cream of the crop make sure to facilitate for both the employees as well as the clients. By following these two points, a manager can truly make the difference in a company crashing or thriving.

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