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A Risky Employee Handbook

Stressed Owner

Eliminating stress and risk from your work environment can be a difficult thing to do. Most of the stress and risk comes from co-workers not being on the same page. An effective Employee Handbook, can help eliminate that stress and risk.

A great employee handbook can help with many frustrating areas of your business, so think about these 5 areas for starters:

1. Management/Leadership Expectations

2. Consistent Application of Policy and Procedure

3. Employee Expectations

4. Compliance with Federal and State Laws

5. Assist in Defense Against Employee Claims

Think about your Employee Handbook. How well is it written? How often is it updated? How much are the leaders and employees using it in their day to day work life?

These are simple words to put together. They are simple questions to ask. The answers however, can often times be elusive and difficult to answer.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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