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Governor Cuomo, Coca-Cola and Human Resources

Human resources management and strategies are complex and they could save or sink your business, your reputation, and your bank account. It can be controversial or it can be cutting edge. However, make no mistake, if you do not have a great Human Resource Strategy, you are walking through a minefield of laws, rules, and regulations that could blow-up on you, your employees, and your business.

Look at the title of this email, human resources issues on the cover of many major websites and news outlets. Governor Cuomo and Coca-Cola are dealing with different issues with their human resources strategies, however, it is important to recognize that human resources will be driving many businesses to succeed or fail.

According to a 2017 ADP study, about 70% of small businesses reported that they do not have official HR staff members. This seems to be madness if you connect Governor Cuomo and Coca-Cola dots. At a minimum you, your employees, and your business need:

  1. A fractional and dedicated HR Professional to advise your team

  2. Training- It could be Sexual Harassment Prevention or Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality

  3. Compliance review and support

  4. Employee issue tracking and resolution

  5. Day to day human resources advice

Our best advice is to make sure you have some professional, trained, experienced, and certified professional human resources support. Finally, it is important to have a written, compliant and up-to-date employee handbook.

Following the rules of the organization is so much easier when they are written down, organized, and used to manage day-to-day interactions with all team members. The leader's life is so much more peaceful when everyone is following the same set of rules and operating with the same standards.

If your business or organization had a human resource issue, it most certainly would not receive front-page headlines around the country, like a government official or multi-national business would and that is great. However, wouldn't the pain of dealing with the issue be significant and traumatic?

Rick Maher


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Great advice Rick!

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