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Is the residential office room the office of the future?

Within the era of quarantine, companies across the country were forced to lean on technology within the professional work sphere far more than ever previously imagined. As the climate slowly shifts back to the “new normal”, companies must make the decision to roll out the most beneficial workplace conditions for their industry.

One question leadership should be asking however is:

Is returning to the office truly the most beneficial option?

Here are benefits to consider when plotting the course for the future of your company.

Benefits to Employers

There are many benefits to continuing to allow employees to work from home. There are many expenses that are factored into running an office that often get overlooked; items such as office supplies and even refreshments that raise morale for employees can get pricey . By allowing employees to work from home, they use whatever is already at their house to complete their tasks, and they can keep whatever refreshments or treats that they particularly enjoy at their house as well. A number of employees are even closing down their offices to save incredible amounts of money on office space as well; and that is certainly a large savings for their bottom line.

Benefits to Employees

The ability to work from home greatly raises the option to improve an employee’s quality of life within their work environment. By allowing them the option, they save time and money simply by not having to commute to the office. This benefit is deceptively simple; it is very easy to underestimate the impact this has on an employee’s day. From not having to deal with traffic jams, or even the normal commute, to saving gas money and more chances for take-out, there are many ways this one simple benefit saves employees time and money. Working from home also could lead to flexibility in hours, which employees would be able to work efficiently in the hours they typically have the ability to be the most productive.

Our experts believe the home office is the wave of the future and here to stay. Whether your business is looking to implement a full or partial return to work program or you're trying to navigate managing a full team of remote employees, we can help. With a shift to remote employees comes compliance and procedural questions that you don't want to get wrong! Just Ask Liv today to find out how to get your questions answered!


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