H.R. Challenges: 100% Easiest Way to Write a Handbook

Recently, a H.R. professional was asking me about the easiest way to write an employee handbook. The question/conversation went something like this:

HR- I am constantly overwhelmed and putting out fires. I feel like most of the fires would be preventable if we had an employee handbook, but I am putting out so many fires, I can not find the time to write an updated employee handbook.

Me- Do you have a system that will allow you to make and save edits, by state? Or were you just going to manually start typing and editing?

HR- Manually typing an editing. I suppose it is going to take a lot of time, that I don't have, to get this done!

Me- I will give you the magic secret to a great employee handbook, your involvement will be minimal and it will be done in a couple of weeks rather than many months. Here is the secret- Hire an expert who has a system and the team to write a customized employee handbook.

HR- Awesome!

If you're like this H.R. professional and need help with writing an Employee Handbook, please consider getting in touch!

Rick Maher


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