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H.R. Challenges - Outsourcing H.R. as a Solution


20 years ago, almost everyone mowed their own lawn. 30 years ago almost everyone changed the oil on their car. You might remember Saturday mornings in your neighborhood when the sound of the lawn mower was clear and the cars were on jacks in the driveway.

Why did that change? I think there are many reasons, but the one I keep coming back to is "specialization". I think we have found that we are better focused on our strengths and in turn, we often hire someone to handle our "weaknesses". It also helps that many business were built to make lawn care more affordable, and oil changes quicker and more convenient.

This same phenomenon has been happening in H.R.. It used to be that an organization carried a fully staffed H.R. team with departments to handle all areas of H.R.. The office was big, and the department was robust. This too seems to have changed due to "specialization". Many organizations have realized it is easier to focus H.R. on core competencies, and outsource the rest to a specialist.

It became easy to outsource our lawn care to to the lawn care company. It became easy to outsource our oil changes to the oil change company. So shouldn't it be just as easy with HR? You can now easily outsource many H.R. tasks: writing the handbook, recruiting the new CFO, updating the job descriptions.

So what about you? Are you outsourcing your H.R. tasks? Reach out and let's discover the way for us to help you do this!

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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