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HCM Paradise

HCM Paradise

What does paradise look like? This picture sure does look like paradise to me. How do you build a Human Capital Management (HCM) plan that will get you to paradise in your business? We believe that we have come up with the "steps" for an organization to take to develop an awesome HCM plan.

Our HCM plan was developed to put "concreteness" into the vague term and practices of HCM (as defined in our last post). It is a process to look at all areas of your Human Capital, to come up with a plan the covers the entire life cycle of an employee, as well as how your organization engages, retains and makes the most productive employee possible.

We focus on 15 areas of your business and use more than 200 questions. Our Process has 5 critical goals:

1. Assess government compliance

2. Review all of your company policies

3. Review your organizational development plans

4. Analyze your company culture through anonymous employee surveys

5. Prepare a customized 50-70-page report and action plan

If you would like to review our pricing and process, please see our website or give us a call.

Rick Maher


TurningPoint HCM

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