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The (HR) News is Depressing

HR News is Depressing


It feels very sad to say that Human Resource news is constantly surrounding our day to day news.

Everyday, in the newspaper, on the news, on social media and websites, there are stories about companies and their woes as they relate to HR, Human Capital and behavior.

Take a moment and really sit and think about often do you hear stories such as: Movie moguls accused of bad behavior, business owners who may be outside the rules and employees who are treating each other poorly.

Regardless of who is committing the bad behavior in many instances it could be avoided with some sound policy and procedure review and implementation.

Think about these items to review proactively:

1. Payroll Practices

2. Employee Culture Audit

3. Employee Handbook

4. Harassment/Discrimination Training

5. Benefits/ACA Compliance

6. Recruiting Practices

7. Personnel Records

8. I-9's

9. Job Descriptions

10. FMLA/PTO/Sick Time Tracking

If you need some help, please let us know.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM


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