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HR People and Technology

HR Technology

Great businesses are powered by great people. Awesome businesses combine people and technology. Think of your HR systems as that technology. EVERY business already has people and technology in place. How are you making sure yours is helping you? Think about: 1. Scale- Technology is one of the best ways to grow profitably 2. Compliance- There are too many laws, rules and regulations 3. Piece of Mind- Knowing that your team is doing it perfectly every time What are the HR Technologies you should be thinking about?

  • Recruiting/hiring

  • Compensation and Benefits Management

  • Time and Attendance and Payroll

  • Record Keeping and Compliance

  • Workplace Liability and Safety

  • Separation- Termination

If you would like to discuss how to best evaluate your HR Systems, please give us a shout.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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