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How a Human Resources Consultant Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Turning Point HCM is proud to present the following article by Dean Burgess, of Dean Burgess started Excitepreneur to explore the areas of entrepreneurship that are often overlooked, and share with current and aspiring entrepreneurs the stories and lessons he has learned. He fully believes entrepreneurs will lead us to a more exciting future.


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You know you need to delegate, but it can sometimes be hard to decide which tasks to hand on to other people and which you need to oversee yourself.

One area where it can be hugely helpful for any business owner to get the benefit of an expert perspective is that of human resources. Small businesses without an HR team should consider hiring an HR consultant to assist them. And even larger businesses with their own in-house HR staff can often benefit from the objectivity an outside consultant brings.

Here are five ways an HR consultant can help you better achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.

An HR consultant can help with your hiring decisions.

You need a reliable and dedicated team working for you, but you don’t always have time to put that team together. Rushing through the hiring process can be a bad idea, as you may miss red flags or simply hire the candidate based on a quick perusal of their resume, instead of an in-depth interview. Or you may even be tempted to hire people simply because they are a personal friend (often a not so great idea). An HR consultant can also help you decide when and whether to outsource, as opposed to bringing in a permanent hire.

They can help your employees grow and thrive.

If you want your employees to be invested in your company’s well-being, you must give them a reason to be. Do not presume that everyone is dedicated to your business as you are, especially if you aren’t taking the time to help them achieve their own goals. An HR consultant can help determine how to increase employee engagement, and even assist with training your employees.

They can help you stay compliant with employee law.

The industry is changing frequently, and this includes rules and regulations governing employment. While you should be aware of the labor laws relevant for your business, sometimes things change, and there may be grey areas where you need the advice of an expert. As a company owner you want to make sure you are treating your team fairly and avoiding all discrimination both in your hiring processes and in your workplace culture. An HR expert can help with this.

They can help you stay organized.

It’s essential that you maintain organized systems for every aspect of your company, and an HR consultant can help you with many of these. They can assist you in putting together a clear and comprehensive employee handbook, so your team knows what is expected of them. Similarly, they can help you outline company policies. Ask your HR consultant about the best way to manage and organize your payroll, too. With a good payroll system, team management and scheduling will be far less time-consuming, and a system that comes with a mobile app option makes tracking time with a single click an option.

They can help with employee relations.

In a good work environment, relationships among employees, as well as between employees and management, should be positive. This means open lines of communication, trust, and respect. In a healthy workplace, employees help one another out, and everyone feels that they can come to management with concerns or questions they may have. Even if you believe you have great employee relations, it’s wise to bring in an outside expert who can lend an objective eye, identify any areas that need improvement, and guide you in fixing them.

Bringing in a human resources consultant will make your own work easier. It will also show your employees that you are invested in their success and care about building a healthy work environment. Whether you need a little guidance figuring out how to stay compliant, or could use an expert to go over your policies and procedures with you, Turning Point Human Capital Management can assist you in every area of human resources.


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