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Are You Working Towards Freedom? You Need to be!

Every week, I get to speak to many business owners, HR Leaders and trusted advisers about all kinds of topics. Quite frankly, my "job description" has a significant section that ensures that I simply talk to people to see if I can help them and their company.

Regardless of their position, no matter what role they play or what business they are in, they all have the same business goal. The goal is FREEDOM. Frequently, they have a similar frustration also, that their freedom is being encroached upon.

I do not mean freedom as in eagles and flags, but rather the freedom we all want when the "whistle blows". Think about each day at work, usually you have something you can't wait to get home to do, or you are stoked for the vacation/weekend. That very thing you dream about to get you through the day/week/month/year is probably your version of freedom. That's the freedom I'm talking about. I don't know about you, but the picture above looks like freedom to me!

Businesses and teams that do not have developed policies and procedures, never seem to have any freedom because they are always putting out fires and reacting to what ever the day brings. Some days it is good and some days it is bad, so your day is not yours; you have no freedom.

At Turning Point HCM, we prescribe and believe that great HR policies/procedures, awesome organizational development plans and a thoughtful human capital management strategy are key building blocks to all team members having their version of freedom.

Think about you and your co-workers- Do you have your freedom? If not, maybe we can help!

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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