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Generosity in Leadership - Avoiding a possible H.R. Crisis?


Most businesses are always “in a crisis”. Usually the crisis is known, like sales issues or operations issues for instance. Sometimes, however, they have a crisis brewing that they are not even aware of. The unknown brewing crisis can cause devastating financial loss.

In some cases, these challenges can arise because the leaders are too generous. Here are some examples of ways that you may be too generous as a leader.

  1. You hire a “friend” who is not qualified.

  2. You pay a good employee a little extra for the same work as other employees.

  3. You allow a good employee a few extra days off- just to say “thank you”.

  4. You ask an employee to do something that is not part of their normal duty.

These things sound silly, but you may have done one of these. These issues can cause untold damage to an organization. Please be careful, you may be creating the next crisis. Are you concerned that you might be headed that direction? Or have you recently done one of these things? Reach out and let's see if we can help.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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