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E-Verify...Should You Think About It?


It seems as though business leaders and HR are focused on understanding the rationale behind E-Verify and when/if they should implement it in their organization. Is it right for your business? What benefits does it have?

E-Verify (link to simplifies employment eligibility by comparing information on an employee’s I-9 Form to records on file with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. This site can confirm employees as work-authorized within 24 hours. Plus, it’s free to use. On the downside, the system isn’t perfect. Sometimes results create false positives, stating an employee is “Employment Authorized” when they actually aren’t. There are solid arguments to use it in some business and maybe not in others. It largely depends on the industry you’re in.

This may seem like a fairly benign topic to debate in the office however, the political conversation is raging (link to in the halls of power in Washington D.C. on how best to monitor eligibility to work in the United States. As with some other issues we have seen in the past when so much attention is focused on an issue, it is not likely to just go away. There will most likely be an evolving ebb and flow to the E-Verify conversation throughout the upcoming mid-term elections.

In the boardrooms of United States businesses, it is important to understand your human capital strategy and completely understand how this may affect your business. You may want to discuss your strategy as it relates to E-Verify. Please contact us, if you believe we can help you evaluate your needs.

Rick Maher


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