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PAID Family Leave and Politics

Paid Family Leave

PAID Family Leave and Politics

It is a standard practice not to combine politics and work. As of lately, though, there seems to be a movement towards discussing politics as it relates to the workplace. More specifically, there are discussions revolving around paid family leave becoming a bipartisan principle. The Bipartisan Policy Center’s newest task force strives to bring their case to Washington where they develop an effective national paid family leave policy.

Many large employers already offer some form of paid family leave and some states, like New York, have already taken the steps to implement mandatory paid leave. However, research suggests that only 15% of employees actually have access to a defined family leave benefit. Since paid family leave seems to be overwhelming supported by Americans it is very logical to believe that this is a policy many leaders in Washington will get behind to pass.

Regardless of what the bill may look like and how benefits are paid, it seems logical to start thinking about your Human Capital and how a paid family leave policy might affect your organization.

Planning ahead is the key to any Human Capital strategy and it is usually best to do it well in advance so that you can be the most prepared.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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