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Payroll Integration- "Hit the Beach"

Payroll Intergration

We have been talking to many business leaders who are focused on driving efficiencies to their business. They are looking to use technologies to make their business run smoother, have the ability to manage it when they are not in the office and give them the confidence that it is all working perfectly. One area where this is relatively simple is in the HR space. Particularly with their payroll systems.

Payroll is more than just "punching numbers for a paycheck". It can handle almost all HR functions and make your business run smoother and your HR teams can work smarter. Think about a full function payroll system, it can connect all of these below:

1. Payroll

2. Time and Attendance

3. Employee Benefits

4. ACA Compliance

5. Human Resources


7. Risk Mitigation

Please let us know if we can help design the right system for you and your organization.

Rick Maher


Turning Point Human Capital Management

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