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Race Car...No Driver (HR)

Workforce Manegement

Suppose you spent a ton of money on a race car and there was no one willing or able to drive it! You would be stuck with an expensive "paperweight" and you would probably not be too happy about it. You might even conclude that you wasted all of your money on this performance car and it does not work as advertised.

The right way to have a car that performs to your expectations is a perfect marriage of car and driver. This means a smooth integration of technology and a human being.

HR is the same way. Many business leaders buy all kinds of technology yet have not married their systems to their people. So think of what you pay for each month:

1. Payroll Service


3. Applicant Tracking System

4. Time and Attendance

Now think about these are you using them to their maximum potential or are they race car that is sitting idle in the parking lot. Technology with no human being is usually a recipe for a wreck. Focus on workforce management to tie it all together.

Rick Maher


Turning Point Human Capital Management

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