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Everyone wants to nail their interview, right?

Everyone wants to interview well, right? So where do you start? When you are sitting in the interviewee seat, it is best that you come with prepared questions and have an idea of what you would like to go over with the recruiter you are speaking with. This shows that you have drive and initiative to ask questions that are pertinent to your own growth with a potential employer.

When you are searching for your new position, have a solid idea of what your goals will be if being brought on board. For example, if you are starting out in an entry level position, think about what level you wish to get to in that company. After you’ve answered the questions given by the recruiter you have a chance to ask them questions as well. Things to ask could vary based on applicable positions and what your end goals are.

If you are interviewing for a mid level position where you have some responsibilities above entry level staff, you could ask things like, "what is the upward mobility with this position," "does the company prefer to hire within or externally," "what skills does the company look for in their leadership positions,"etc.

These kinds of questions will provide you with information that the company does not outwardly advertise. It will provide those minute details that you can use to learn more about how the company itself works.

Having this type of conversation with a recruiter will reveal much about a company and how it works internally, and will boost your chances of moving forward in the interview process.


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