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Payroll Practices Review

We are hearing of business leaders who "penny pinch" when it comes to payroll practices. However, that "penny pinching" may end up costing way more than it saves if there is an issue with an employee or a government agency.

You might be thinking...What do we mean? How can I prevent this from happening?

Are you at risk with your payroll practices?

Wage and Hour

It may be best to start thinking about some of the following:

  • How does my technology compare? Is my payroll company filing all the correct paperwork at the right time for me?

  • Are you paying all proper wages?

  • Am I EEOC compliant?

At Turning Point HCM, our H.R. Risk Assessment looks at your payroll practices to make sure you do not create damaging payroll practices which could wipe out the money "saved". Additionally, during the assessment we focus on 15 areas of your business and use more than 200 questions.

Our process has 5 critical goals:

1. Assess government compliance.

2. Review all your company policies.

3. Review your organizational development plans.

4. Analyze your company culture through anonymous employee surveys.

5. Prepare a customized 50-70-page report and action plan.

If you would like to review our pricing and process, please see our website or give us a call.

Rick Maher


TurningPoint HCM

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