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BACKLINKING-I Just Learned, So Should You

Every month, our Operations Team and our Marketing Team look at stats on our website traffic. Without fail, we end up discussing how to move up on Google Search, how to drive more traffic, were we up from last month, or are we down? The conversation always turns to the standard items like organic search, paid search, SEO, and round and round we go. The conversation bored me until this month.

This month was different, as we discussed a "new idea". This concept was new to me because I am not technically savvy nor am I a social media junky/gamer type. I literally have two apps on my phone, Waze, and Spotify. I can listen to music while I am lost! Anyway, Nicole Gallichio, our COO/Integrator, said a word. Since then I am obsessed with this word and its possibilities. BACKLINKING! It sounds like a stupid word but as I think about it, I see how I can use this concept with anyone of my clients, with any of the thousands of people I network with, and gives us a never-ending supply of content to drive our website to the top of Google...Hallelujah!

What is Backlinking?

It is really simple. It is connecting your website to another website in the form of a link. The result is greater authority and SEO

Why does a business need it?

If you need to increase your website's exposure, you have to get to the first page of Google. Additionally, if you are backlinking with partners, their traffic becomes your traffic. NICE!

What to do?

This takes some leg-work, time, and a process. For most of us, we have more time than money so use it wisely.

  1. Work with multiple partners to have your logo/link on their website. This will link back to your website page and viola! You are moving up the Google search chain.

  2. Exchange blog posts and ensure that blog post links back to your website service page.

  3. Start networking with others in this way. Try to become a guest on a podcast, guest blogger, etc.

One final insight, if you would like to become a Backlinking partner with us, please connect with us by clicking this LINK WE are backlinking.

Rick Maher


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