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Labor Posters and Patience.

I came across this interesting article in my local paper. This is an active link for your review.

Back in the day, when we were all in offices we were used to seeing Labor Law posters in the break room or cafeteria. They were there for a reason, they were there to keep us all informed and they were there to keep the business in compliance with the law.

Since March of 2020, many businesses have gone remote and they may remain that way for a long-time. However, as this article addresses, that does not mean we can abandon all norms of employment compliance.

Think about our posters, handbooks, review process, onboarding, or any of the other norms we had when we were in the office full-time.

This leads me to patience. This part is purely my observation. I believe at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone had a higher degree of patience for each other. Employers, employees, colleagues, we all had patience. However, as we are entering our second year of working remotely, I believe patience is wearing thin. Missteps in employment compliance may have been overlooked as businesses were trying to survive and employees were adjusting. Although this should not have happened, in reality, it did. As a result, we are starting to see the challenges today for practices that were overlooked starting back in March 2020

So if you do not address your posters, policies, and employment procedures, someone's patience may wear thin with you. That is never fun.

Rick Maher


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